ATM Lighting Survey

Meeting Required ATM Lighting

ATM Lighting Survey Miami, Florida

Does Your ATM Locations Meet The Required Lighting?

With an increase in ATM usage, customer safety is a top concern. The majority of robbery victims claim they never saw the assailant approaching. It is imperative that ATMs’ environment have proper lighting to serve as a deterrent to criminals.

The professionals of Lar-Ken Electric have performed thousands of ATM lighting surveys Miami, Florida. Our thorough ATM lighting survey lets our clients know if their ATM environment meets the safety standards. Our detailed reports include light meter readings, photographs of landscape issues, and site diagrams.

Our goal is to provide clients with the most accurate depiction of the lighting, landscaping and structural conditions at each ATM location. The ATM lighting survey provides an accurate reading and helps identify and address potential weaknesses before they become a problem.

Call us today to conduct an ATM lighting survey at your ATM/depository locations.