Preventive Maintenance

Miami-Dade Electrical Preventive Maintenance Inspections

Miami-Dade Electrical Preventive Maintenance Inspections

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Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) refers to routine equipment and systems inspections used to avoid problems in equipment. Electrical PMI investigates electrical systems and equipment. Unlike other forms of preventive maintenance, electrical PMI requires specialized knowledge of the electrical industry. We have more than 25 years of experience in the commercial electrical business. We are qualified to use this knowledge to help you avoid problems with your electrical system and equipment.

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What does an electrical PMI include?

Cleaning: This step is critical but easy to ignore. Routine cleaning during the inspection keeps the system running smoothly. Cleaning is used to remove normal buildup – such as dust and dirt – from circuit breakers, vents, and switch surfaces.

Visual Inspection: We use visual inspections to identify anomalies in your electrical wiring and system. Our experienced team is trained to identify even the smallest irregularities that could lead to a problem in the future, such as missing brackets or damaged wires.

Torque: Nuts and bolts gradually loosen with regular use. Weak bolted connections can cause overheating and may damage your electrical equipment. During an inspection, our team will make sure that each bolted connection is up to code.

Infrared Inspection: We use infrared scanning to locate irregular heat in your electrical system. Overheating is one of the first indications of electrical failure, which is why we take special care to fix abnormal heat before it causes a larger problem.

Work with Lar-Ken Electric for the high quality service that your business needs. Preventive maintenance is important; do not entrust the safety of your electrical system to an under qualified inspector.

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