Electrical Project Design

Miami-Dade Quality Project Design & Engineering Services

Miami-Dade High-Quality Electrical Project Design & Engineering Services

Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractor in Miami-Dade

If you are in need of electrical project design engineer services in the Miami-Dade area, our skill set and experience are right for you. At Lar-Ken Electric, our experience in the commercial electrical industry distinguishes us from the competition. Our company has a fundamental advantage over other companies: 25 years of actual experience in the electrical field.

Our distinctions include:

  • Over two decades of professional experience
  • An in-depth knowledge of the Electrical Code
  • Practical experience handling complex projects

Our team is prepared to handle the electrical project design engineering. Our working knowledge of the Electrical Code allows us to engineer layouts that are not only safe, but cost effective and easy to maintain. Contact our Miami-Dade commercial electricians today.

Leaders in the South Florida Electrical Business

Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation in the community, including ongoing relationships with large companies in the Miami-Dade County. Let us put our experience to work for your project. We always strive to provide high quality, prompt electrical service for each client. No project is too complex for our team.

Learn More About Our Services When You Call Today

We are qualified to handle all types of electrical projects. We work for all types of businesses including manufacturing, financial institutions, refineries, processing facilities, and much more.

Our experience includes service upgrades, power filtering, electrical problem resolutions, new power circuitry, and more. For high-quality electrical project design and engineering, call our office at 305.362.4004.


We can provide you with a competitive estimate for your electrical project design engineering.